Definition of Summer Training

- Minimum 4 weeks

- To take place after the end of the final examinations of the Spring term and ideally before the beginning of classes of the following Fall term.

- Placement to be pre-approved by FMPA

In Turkey

▪ State Orchestras
▪ Private Orchestras/Ensembles
▪ Concert Venues
▪ Other Corporations and private companies
▪ Media sector
▪ Active participation in festivals and summer masterclasses

Outside Turkey

▪ Erasmus placement
▪ International orchestras/instituitions/organizations

Steps for taking MSC399 Summer Training

▪ Student downloads, fills out the SUMMER TRAINING APPLICATION FORM The form MUST BE submitted to Please see the table below for relevant deadlines for 2021.
▪ The student fills a copy of the SUMMER TRAINING REPORT
▪ Student registers for MSC399 Summer Training course.


▪ Summer Practice Application Form
▪ Summer Practice Student Report
▪ Summer Practice Faculty Evaluation Form